Welcome to Hanullim instruments of Korean classical music
- Hanullim is a leading manufacturer of traditional Korean music instruments.

Hanullim take great pride in keeping the tradition of instruments of Korean classical music. Hanullim is the first manufacturer to produce Korean traditional music instruments with the brand ¡°Hanullim¡±. We have distribution channels in ten major cities including our own shops in Seoul and Pusan. We signed a contract with Samulnori troupe Hanullim - ¡®Kim, Deok-soo and his group¡¯to develop better instruments, which have been on the front to hand


down and develop Korean traditional music over the past 20 years. Under the agreement, we founded the Hanullim cultural craft house after renting the closed school in Yangpyung,Kyonggi-do. In particular, Hanullim craft house is the only place, which produces general instruments in Korea. Hanullim is making a special effort to develop and produce musical instruments with best craftsmen and materials in Korea amid flooding cheap Chinese instruments. We are proud that we are the very epicenter of promoting Samulnori and traditional Korean dance music.

Chief items

1. Percussion instruments : Changgo, Buk
2. String instruments: Kayagum, Komungo (a 6-stringed zither), Haegeum
3. Woodwind instruments: Taegum (bamboo flute), Danso, Sogum
4. Reformed instrument: String, woodwind and percussion instruments
5. Trifling articles: Sangmo, a hat to wear in nong-ak (farmer¡¯s music)
Ching-geol-yi (hanger for ching - Korean gong), costumes
6. Craftworks

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